Having two decades of history in Hi-Fi industry, now we, EVETT & SHAW, proudly announces that we open up the new page with a brand new imagine.

In 2015, we debut the latest series. The distinctive deign is the first impression; but the self-developed drives and crossover are our secret. 


In the process of manufacturing, we go through countless experiments, testing, reforming and experience breaking through innovation, we

persist zero-comprising on quality. Made in USA would always be our basic but also sincere commitment.  






From 1990s to 2015, the generation becomes different, the designs are changed, a variety of materials are adopted. It seems that everything changes but the one thing EVETT & SHAW does not change is our “ultimate value.” Our goal is simple but profound. We truly expect our loudspeakers convey the truest performance and touching gratification.


The value of loudspeaker comes from its euphony.

The value of brand comes from its beauty insistence.


Twenty years is the first milestone; here we, EVETT & SHAW, promise to insist continuously innovation, non-stop chase beyond perfect, and to satisfy ears of audiophiles.